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Capital Wealth Management:

  • Provide assistance with the design of an investment process to assist with regulatory compliance
  • Selection and monitoring of Plan investments
  • Provide quarterly benchmark report of Plan's investments
  • Perform Annual Review
  • Participant Education Services
  • Organize Participant Enrollment Meetings/Webinars
  • Assist terminated employees with understanding their distribution /rollover options
  • Act as conduit between third party administrators and service providers
  • ERISA 3 (21) ( A) Fiduciary


  • Holding and safeguarding plan assets
  • Execution of investment instructions as provided by Recordkeeper
  • Provides Paying agent services (Issues checks and wires as directed) and withholds and forwards Federal and State Taxes at participant level
  • Provides dedicated Plan Sponsor website with online access to distributions (including check status), contributions, Form 1099sand ACH pull scheduling for payroll funding
  • Allows for Same-day Exchange Trading of investments offered by the plan.
  • Certified Annual Trust Statements, including consolidated reports for IRS form 5500 preparation

Record Keeper:
Communication Services

  • Quarterly Participant Statements – Delivered Online
  • 800 Number & Web Access for Account Inquiry and transactional processing
  • Prepares Annual Participant Notices including Safe Harbor Notice

Administrative Services

  • Process Contributions & Distributions based on information received from the Plan Sponsor
  • Provides Summary Report of Trust Activity (quarterly)
  • Determination of Vesting Percentages and Annual Calculations of Forfeitures and Allocations – Annually or at time of distribution
  • Values all participant accounts daily
  • Balances custodial account to recordkeeping balances by fund daily

Compliance Testing & Consulting Services

  • ADP/ACP Testing (Waived as Plan is currently a Safe Harbor Plan)
  • Annual Additions Limits
  • Coverage testing
  • 401(a)(4) Average Benefits Test Additional/Multiple Eligibility Provisions
  • 402(g) Annual Deferral Limit Dual/Split/Multiple Vesting Schedules for Employer Sources
  • 404(c) Deduction Limit Earned Income/K-1 Calculation
  • 410(b) Minimum Coverage Test Match Contribution True-Up (Annualization)
  • 415(c) Annual Additions Limit Multiple Locations Requiring Separate Payrolls/Valuations
  • Top Heavy Test and Contribution Calculations (if app) Multiple Employer - separate testing
  • Provide completed Form 5500 and applicable Schedules for submission to the DOL

The record keeper is not the ERISA Plan Administrator, as defined in Section 3(16)(H) of Title I of ERISA, and it does not have discretionary authority or control in making decisions about administration of the Plan.