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Are you a college student looking for direct, real-world experience in the investment management industry on a part-time basis?  Then an internship at an award-winning investment advisory firm in RI may be right for you!  At Capital Wealth Management (CWM) we provide interns with a variety of experiences in multiple business divisions to help interns gain a better understanding of the types of roles, responsibilities, and career paths associated with different areas of a wealth management organization.


Wealth Advisor

If you like working one-on-one with individuals, couples, or investment committees of corporate entities to help them accomplish their financial goals you may enjoy working as an investment advisor.  Depending on your focus (investments, insurance, financial planning, etc.) you will need to pursue any number of industry credentials (CFA®, CFP®, CLU®, AIF®, ChFC®, CAIA®, etc.)  Advisors spend their time on new business development and ongoing relationship management with existing clients to ensure things are on track as circumstances change.  They frequently coordinate with internal and external business partners to fulfill clients’ needs.  As an intern at CWM you will interact with our advisors and gain an understanding of different styles and areas of focus.

Investment Research & Portfolio Management

Are you a numbers geek who eats regulatory filings for breakfast?  Then a career in investment management may be for you.  Roles and responsibilities vary from company to company, but the primary job functions include: investment research and financial modeling, trading, portfolio management, and financial reporting.  As an intern at CWM you will perform a wide variety of tasks related to investment management.  You will gain experience in security selection processes and acquire basic proficiency in the software programs and databases involved in the process.

Operations, Service, and Reporting

Maybe you are a person who is all about the process and thrives on creating solutions to increase efficiency and accuracy?  Operations is where the rubber meets the road, because even the best of ideas cannot be realized without attention to detail and effective procedures to turn the vision into reality.  In a growing firm navigating changing market, economic, and regulatory environments there is seldom a shortage in challenges to be solved and special projects.  Preparing client meeting deliverables for advisors is a critical responsibility.  In addition, clients’ needs change over time, which may impact the way their accounts are managed.  Reregistration of accounts may be necessitated due to estate planning, marriage, divorce, retirement, etc.  Keeping track of multiple tasks in process and quarterbacking them through to completion is an essential role related to client service.  Business analytics and client reporting are other essential function.  As an intern you will get to participate in a variety of recurring and ad hoc projects to gain insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of jobs in this department.


A wise man once said “Trust, but verify.”  Trust between the client and their wealth management partner is the lynchpin of an advisory relationship.  Verification is the mission of the compliance department.  In addition to championing best business practices across all divisions in the organization, compliance also ensures the firm is fulfilling its legal obligations in the realm of regulatory reporting.  An intern working in this department will gain insight into the plethora of regulatory bodies and requirements with which the firm and its employees must comply.

The internship program at Capital Wealth Management is designed to be a win for everyone.  In addition to the hands-on experience and knowledge you will receive, the information you learn is often directly applicable to your academic progress.  And, whether an internship leads to a long term employment opportunity or not, you will learn more about yourself and gain valuable insights and experience that will provide clarity for your future pursuits.

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Internships at CWM may or may not meet the academic requirements for academic credit at your college or university, and we are under no obligation to comply with any outside requirements beyond our business needs.  It is important for you to verify any such concerns with your academic institution up front.  An internship, paid or otherwise, may or may not lead to an offer for longer term employment.  No future employment should be expected beyond the duration and scope of the internship.  Internships are an “at will” relationship.  CWM, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate the relationship for any reason and at any time.  All employment, including internships, are subject to a satisfactory background check and favorable personal references.